We have a lot of Michael Jordan fans in the league today.
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We've told you our favorite memories from All-Star Weekend and you've told us yours. So what about the guys that play the game? We asked more than 30 players and former players what their favorite All-Star memories are, and they were happy to tell us. Not surprisingly, there were a few repeat answers among the group ... Michael, Magic and Vince seem to stand out among everyone that has watched All-Star Weekend over the years.
• Jermaine O'Neal's Memories

Ray Allen - Sonics
Participating: One of my best moments is when I won the three-point contest. For a moment, playing a team sport and doing something individually for the first time in my life.

Watching: I've watched the dunk contest my whole life. Watching Spud Webb and wondering how he did what he did. I don't even have to talk about the MJ stuff because that has obviously guided us all. Harold Miner ... every dunk contest has had an impact on me and everybody in all sports.

Shandon Anderson – Heat
The dunk contest with Dominique and Jordan going at it. You had two of the best dunkers, with different styles. Jordan was smooth. Dominique was hard and thunderous. To have those two guys come in in the prime of their careers going head to head, it was unbelievable. It could have gone either way to be honest with you. They both were deserving.

Gilbert Arenas - Wizards
Participating: Everyone dreams of being an All-Star. To have all of the All-Stars there in one place at one time. That really doesn't happen. You'll see one on one night and another on the next night, but to just look around and see fans and what stars come out to the events, people you see on TV. You're just like "Oh, there's Denzel. There's Halle Berry."

Watching: The mascot dunking. When I was little, that's the only thing I wanted to watch. I hope they bring it back somehow.

Calvin Booth - Wizards
The Michael Jordan/Dominique Wilkins dunk contest. Just the competition and both of them dunking at a high-level. Two of the most exciting guys to play the game.

Vince Carter - Nets
My first dunk contest of course and actually being an All-Star for the first time ... that whole weekend. That Sunday was probably the most memorable thing. You watch it for years and years, and I was excited just to get the opportunity to actually be there on All-Star Sunday. That's what it's all about, playing in the big game. The dunk contest was great and that was definitely a goal of mine to be in it and hopefully win it, but it's all about playing on Sunday to me.

On being the No. 1 vote-getter: That's big. With all the stars in the league and all the players that have fans buying their jerseys ... to be the No. 1 vote-getter, you can't beat that.

On his loyal fans: I can't explain it, I don't know how it happens and I'll never try to figure it out, but I'm definitely thankful for it. I think they just appreciate what I bring to the table. I just enjoy playing and having a good time. Of course, they love to see the dunks and I'm just crazy enough to try the things they want to see. I guess they go hand-in-hand.

Jason Collins - Nets
(Points to Vince Carter in the next locker) I think it was in Golden State ... the reverse 360 windmill. I've seen a 360 windmill but not going the reverse way.

Antonio Daniels - Wizards
When Magic Johnson came back to play. That's an obvious one right there. He had already walked away from the game with HIV, and just the heart and determination that he showed to come back and play, and play well.

Dale Davis - Pistons
Participating: My favorite memory was having the opportunity to play. Just before they announce your name ... you walk out there and you see the whole atmosphere. That's something that personally you want to work for and reach that goal. Even if I never do it again, I can say that I did do it once.

Watching: The Slam Dunk Contest is always exciting to watch. I was there when Vince Carter put his elbow in the rim. He did some unbelievable stuff throughout that night, but that was the one that stood out.

Tim Duncan – Spurs
Participating: The game where Jordan played his last All-Star Game and we went to OT. That was a great one. There was also a game where I hit one of the last shots of the game.

Watching: The one year that Vince Carter dunked. That was the best one I've ever seen and I refuse to go back until he comes back.

Joe Dumars - Pistons
Participating: The first All-Star game I was in. I was standing out on the court with Bird, McHale, Parrish and Isiah. I was the youngest guy on that team and I was looking around and thinking "Wow" ... and then looking at the other end of the court and seeing Magic, Worthy, Kareem and Olajuwon and those guys. I was standing there in awe thinking about how I was in college just a few years ago.

Watching: Watching Isiah become the MVP in my first or second year. I was at home in Louisiana over the break watching the game on television. I was thinking "I play with that guy. He's pretty good."

Danny Fortson - Sonics
Vince Carter in the dunk contest. That was amazing.

Joey Graham - Raptors
My favorite was when Dominique and Jordan were in the finals. I was like "These guys are revolutionizing dunks right now." I really thought Dominique won it, but Jordan came back real strong.

Jarvis Hayes - Wizards
MJ's last All-Star game in Atlanta. I was at that game. It was the first All-Star game I'd seen and the first time I'd seen him play in person. That was my last year in school and he hit that big shot at the end.

Andre Iguodala – Sixers
When Magic came back and won the MVP. That was hot. You really don't see Magic hit a lot of threes and he was just hot that game. I remember Jordan wouldn't let him get the ball. Isiah was there. That was just a great game. There were a lot of great players in that game.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas – Cavaliers
Just putting on the uniform, seeing your name and looking around the lockerroom and seeing all those players. It's something you savor for the rest of your life.

Marc Jackson - Nets
In Washington, when the East was down and they came back. Allen Iverson and Stephon brought the team back to win the game.

Richard Jefferson - Nets
My favorite All-Star memory is easily watching the All-Star game when Magic Johnson was the MVP. I was born in L.A. and I was a huge Lakers fan. I didn't get to watch him play at all that year. There was so much attention put on him and he didn't get a chance to play. To watch him come play in the All-Star game and to watch him ball-out and do all that was impressive.

Damon Jones – Cavaliers
I would go back to the weekend in Oakland. I think it was Vince's first All-Star. Some of the incredible dunks that he did. My God. He captivated the minds of not only the fans, but of the players as well.

Chris Kaman – Clippers
The dunk contest when Jordan and Dominique went at it. The stuff they were putting down at the time was unheard of. They were coming up with all this new stuff and it was kinda crazy for someone to jump from the free throw line at that time.

Jason Kidd - Nets
Participating: My first one in San Antonio when I was with Dallas was one of my favorites ... going against Michael and playing with Charles. That was a lot of fun.

Watching: Watching the slam dunk contest in Golden State, watching Vince put on a show. It wasn't just Vince. There were some other guys that were also performing at a high level ... but it just turned out to be the Vince show.

Nenad Krstic - Nets
I remember when Peja won the 3-point contest two years in a row. Everybody watched that in Serbia.

Sean May - Bobcats
The first time that Tracy McGrady came down the lane and threw the ball off the glass to himself. That really caught me off-guard.

Lamond Murray - Nets
When Dominique got robbed by Michael Jordan in the Slam Dunk Contest. He obviously won. The two-hand windmill was a 50.

Scott Padgett – Nets
When Magic came back and banked in the three over Isiah. At that point in our lives, everybody thought HIV was a death sentence and he came back and not only played in the game, but he was the MVP. And he was really deserving of it. He earned it.

Tony Parker – Spurs
All-Star Game '88. When Michael Jordan was the MVP. I was just happy for Michael. He played great. That was my idol. Even the dunk contest with Dominique. I think that was the best dunk contest finals ever. After that, it's 1992 when Magic Johnson was the MVP. That was very emotional.

Scottie Pippen – NBA Legend
My favorite playing moment was the final one I played in ... when Earvin "Magic" Johnson came back. It was a great game and we all showed our love for him. He played great and I think he won the MVP, so that All-Star Game probably stands out for me ... even more than the one when I won the MVP myself.

Jason Richardson – Warriors
Participating: Winning the Slam Dunk Contest the second time. I was just the second guy to ever win it two years in a row.

Watching: The Dunk Contest with Jordan and Dominique. Nothing will ever compare to that one. They just went at it.

John Salmons - Sixers
Watching Michael Jordan in the Slam Dunk Contest was always my favorite part about All-Star.

Maurice Taylor – Knicks
When Jordan and Dominique had that dunk contest. I think that was the best one ever. That was exciting. That was when the marquee players wanted to be in it.

Charlie Villanueva - Raptors
My favorite was watching Vince Carter in the Slam Dunk Contest. That was amazing.

Chris Webber – Sixers
My first one playing with Michael Jordan ... him betting me that I was going to shoot an air-ball ... him pulling my sweatpants off as I got announced ... him messing with me. That was a lot of fun because it took a lot of the pressure off for that game.

Damien Wilkins - Sonics
My favorite All-Star moment is going to be when I'm in it. To date, I would have to say it was 'Nique and Mike in the dunk contest. I was a little more on the edge of my seat because it's a member of my family, but at the same time, I think I was participating as a fan too because it was so fun to watch.

I think 'Nique couldn't help but to take that one seriously. That one was so competitive because they were both just going at it. That's what made it so good. He would say that he felt robbed. All I kept hearing around the house is "Mike missed his first one." That one was a classic. I can watch that over and over.

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