Glen Rice had his moment in 1997.
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This is the second installment of your All-Star memories, and we've got some good ones from all over the world. The third and final installment will come Thursday, Feb. 16, so it's not too late to submit a memory. If it's interesting enough, we'll include it then. If you haven't submitted a memory yet, then get to writing!

"Sure the big memories are great, but I've always been a more low-key guy myself. What about Brent Barry's dance after the three-point shootout? What about Jordan missing that dunk? What about Andersen failing to stuff it after 14 attempts? But in all seriousness, it has to be when Baron Davis spun on Kobe and lost him completely in his first All-Star appearance, Kobe was the daddy and he got owned in front of the world, that's a memory!"
Matt - Cambridge, U.K.

"My favorite All-Star moment was in the 2003 dunk contest. In India, they show live telecasts at around six in the morning, so I woke up at six to watch the dunk contest and I was really sleepy, but excited. Suddenly, I saw J-Rich do the off-the-board, between-the-legs that seriously made me go mad. I woke up my whole house and literally yelled my lungs out... that was amazing.... a split second of history."
Kartikeya - Hyderabad, India

"For me, the most memorable All-Star moment was in 1986. I was about 8 years old when I saw Anthony 'Spud' Webb win the Dunk Contest. Here was a guy that looked like he was my size as an 8 year old, doing these amazing acrobatic dunks. What separates it is the fact that even now (in my late 20's), everytime I see it, I feel that excitement. It takes me back. I drop my jaw in amazement like everyone else did that saw it. That's the most memorable moment hands down."
David - Studio City, Calif.

"Dee Brown PUMPIN up the Reeboks!!!"
Steve - Waltham, Mass.

"Who was the MVP of the greatest assembly of All-Star players ever? Jerry West in 1972. At the Forum in L.A. He beat Walt Fraizer one on one with the final shot at the top of the key to win the game while also racking up 27 points. He must have had 8-10 steals too, but those were not recorded in the box scores back then. Look at the list of Hall of Famers who played in that same game.... West, Wilt, Kareem, Connie Hawkins, Oscar, Elvin Hayes, Gail Goodrich, and Bob Lanier.... And that's just the West! On the East were Frazier, Havlicek, Dave Cowans, Billy Cunningham, Dave DeBusschere, and Wes Unseld. Unbelievable. 14 Hall of Famers in one game. If you watch the game on classic replays Bill Russell was the color analyst for ABC. Before West even releases the game winner Russell says "That's good" Bill knew and loved Mr. Clutch as much as us Laker fans."
Blaz - Decatur, Georgia

"My all-time favorite All-Star moment would be the '97 Slam Dunk contest, during which Michael Finley attempted his infamous cartwheel dunk. I've been a Michael Finley fan ever since, and I still represent. And don't be hatin'!"
Jessica - Daly City, Calif.

"Marvin Gaye singing National Anthem in Los Angeles. 1983. Brought tears to my eyes."
Scott - Fort Myers, Fla.

"1957 All-Star game at the Boston Garden. Bill Russell, Bob Cousy and Bill Sharman played. Favorite moment was when Bill Sharman threw a full court pass (86 feet!), overthrowing Cousy and putting it through the basket. Two points!"
George - Orlando, Fla.

"My favourite moment would have to be the 2001 All-Star Game in Washington when there were two Raptors in the starting lineup for the East, Vince Carter and Antonio Davis. The East coming out on top was an added bonus as was Iverson winning the MVP award. I still remember the block on Tim Duncan by Vince Carter as well as his 360 in the lane, the two three balls by Stephon Marbury, and Dekimbe Mutumbo pulling down 22 boards. But most impressive in all of this was the 19 point come back in the fourth quarter. It was an all star game for the ages and fittingly so for the 50th anniversary of the event."
Zaheer - Mississauga, Ont.

"Individual performances are what this game is all about. Deciding on one player or play is like choosing between you're kids. I can however say that seeing Magic on the court again after his retirement was nothing short of breath taking!! I thought he and the NBA were brave and bold. Not just to have his talent back on the hardwood where it belonged, but to send a message and educate people. Many people (myself included) saw that even our heros can aquire HIV. I saw a man admitting his mistakes, living with the consequences and making the best of his situation. He showed millions that through understanding, tollerance and research HIV doesnt'have to a death sentance. Bravo Magic!!!!"
John - Wasilla, Alaska

My favorite moment was at the 2004 All Star weekend in Los Angeles when I attended the All-Star practice. I immediately worked my way to the front of the stands and started clicking photos. Will Smith was sitting down on the court and I hollered, "What's up, Will, I'm from Philly too" and he replied "Hey, that's what's up". He was so cool and just down to earth. I actually got a few good snap shots of him very close up. I love this game! You gotta be there!!
Tonya - Philadelphia, Penn.

"My favorite All-Star Game moment would have to be in 1997. The unsung hero, Glen Rice, put on a show breaking the All-Star Game records for most points scored in a quarter and most points in a half. The best part was watching the Eastern Conference All-Stars stand up and cheer for every 3-pointer Rice took. The most gratifying moment was that Rice broke the record in front of the NBA's 50 greatest players of all time. Wilt Chamberlain, the man who held the records, was in the stands. "
freshprince99 - Zachary, Lou.

"The 1996 All-Star Game would have to go down as the best I've ever seen for many reasons (Kidd, Kemp, everybody was going off, Penny getting his warm-ups yanked off by Jordan), but by far, the sickest, rawest moment in NBA All-Star game history came about with just under a minute left. Shaquille comes down the lane off a feed from who knows on a fast break, and the Diesel slams home a monster dunk while blowing David Robinson out from under the goal like something off of the old Run 'N' Gun arcade game. Not to mention the Admiral, having just been posterized, is called for the foul. The only thing that could have made it worse would've been if it would've been in a packed house in San Antonio. Oh, wait, it was. The look on Shaq's face, and the reaction of the East bench was all you needed to see to know about that one."
Toddy - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have many favorites but one that gets very little recognation is one Kenny Walker won the dunk contest. I can't rememeber the year for the life of me, but the man played right after his father died. You could see the pain and sadness in the mans eyes yet he still put on a thats an All-Star moment....."
Bryant - Rochester, N.Y.

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