McGrady first went off-the-glass in 2002.
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You've read some of our memories. Now it's time to read yours. Here's the first installment of Your All-Star Memories.

It's not too late to submit a memory. If it's interesting enough, we'll post it here.

"One of my first and one of my favorite All-Star Game moments was in the 2002 All-Star Game. While probably remembered for Kobe and the West all stars dominating and Kobe getting booed, I remember it for an entirely different reason. This was T-Mac's sickening off-the-back board dunk in trafic (which made it ten times sweeter).It was that one move at the first All-Star Game I saw that I remember the most."
Mason - Bellevue, Neb.

"Magic Johnson's MVP performance in the 1992 All-Star Game. So emotional after the whole HIV thing to see one of the legends say farewell. First 1-on-1 against Zeke, then MJ, then the turnaround 3-pointer and everybody just running onto the court with 11 seconds left. You knew you had witnessed one of the greatest basketball moments in history at that point in time."
babyhermann - Nuremberg, Germany

"The 1998 All-Star game when Kobe became the youngest All-Star ever, he played awesome all night, but MJ shined bigger, but Kobe played like a MVP that night. The best thing in that game was the alley-oop pass from KG21, when Kobe grabbed the ball behind his head, remember the set off was from near the free-throw line."
Martin - Horsens, Denmark

"I wasn't much of a hoops fan growing up and I don't remember the year but I have a memory burned in my mind of Isiah Thomas throwing a one handed bounce pass from half court for an alley oop at the rim and three of his teammates going for it at the same time. I think it was Jordan, Malone and I don't remember the third, maybe Dan Majerle??. I don't even remember if it went in. But seeing the sheer athletic fun they were having will always be the moment I became a basketball fan."
Chris - Toronto, Ont.

"The moment I'll never forget...The 1993 NBA All Star Game. It was hosted by Utah, and fittingly, the MVP (or rather, MVPS) were John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz, only the second time in NBA history that teammates were able to share the glory.

"I have to be honest, I HATED the Jazz. I could care less about them really. But what I saw that day made me love them, and even change my mind about who I wanted to win. At first, I was rooting for the East all the time. But after seeing the West, I was captivated. I didn't care about the East anymore. Jordan? Forgot about him.

"I don't remember the stats they got, or which team seemed to be winning, but I do remember that Stockton, like always, passed. That's it, that's all. He passed to whoever was open, and barely took a shot. Not surprisingly, Malone received it most. Malone did the scoring and Stockton did the passing. It was "Stockton-to-Malone" at it's finest, and if not, a pretty close second (in my opinion at least). And to top it all off, they did not forget the most important rule to remember: There's no "I" in team.

"That's all I basically remember, not the game being played, with both teams battling it out, but who played the best they could. It turned out to be my newfound heroes. It is definitely my greatest basketball memory."
Avi - San Juan, P.R.

"Vince Carter's display was definitely my favorite All-Star moment. I remember exactly where I was when it all happened. The best part was when he threw down the dunk where he had his whole forearm inside the rim. I remember thinking, "What was so great about that?" Sure enough the camera circled around him and it was then when I realized how amazing and creative that dunk was."
Jonny - Freeport, Ill.

"All-Star game. Charles Barkley throws an ill-advised inbounds pass into the hands of the clever Hakeem Olajuwon, but redeems himself by immediately blocking Olajuwon's tomahawk jam. And he did not just conventinaly block it, he stuffed Olajuwon and took it from him in mid-air as if it were a rebound. I have searched and searched for a record of this event to no avail."
Peter - San Diego, Calif.

"When Jordan came back the second time. He was on a fast break all by himself. I along with the entire crowd at the game froze with anticipation. As he went up for the dunk and clanked it off of the back of the rim. Oh you never know with this game thats why I love it!"
Drew - Clarksville, Tenn.

"There are some legends in the NBA who know how to end a career. Now, while Michael Jordan's final season was not a great one, his last All-Star Game was one to remember. I remember the game began with Vince Carter rightly giving his starting spot to His Airness. My favorite All-Star moment happened when I saw classic Jordan at the buzzer. With 4.8 seconds left, Jordan faded away over an outstreched Shawn Marion and hit nothing but net. The crowd. The shot. The game remains as vivid as the moment I saw it. Unfortunately, the East lost the game but the All-Star moment is one I will never forget."
Ben - Annandale, N.J.

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