A native of Sudan, Bulls sophomore Luol Deng is quickly emerging as one of the top second-year players in the league. Averaging 13.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 31.4 minutes in 44 games (including 26 starts), Deng has become a team-leader in Chicago.

Deng took time out during NBA All-Star 2006 to answer your e-mail questions.

How is life in America different from being in Sudan?
- Lali from Chicago

Deng: “Well, this is absolutely different. I only lived in Sudan until I was four years so I cannot really relate to that. It is just a different lifestyle.”

Luol Deng at the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge NBA All-Star Friday night. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty)

Who is your favourite NBA player?
- FreeZon from Villepinte

Deng: “Me. No, I got a lot of people I look up to, like Grant Hill or Kobe Bryant.

What about your plans to play for the English national team and what do you think about the British basketball in general?

- Jeff from Howden

Deng: “I look forward to playing for the English national team. I will come to England this summer and play some basketball and then hopefully play in the 2012 Olympics in London. It is just a great honour to be representing Great Britain. We will just try to develop basketball in England.”

(British basketball) is growing. It is not where it needs to be right now but it is growing. I will help by organizing events and camps and showing kids more things to do about basketball.”

What does it mean to you to be in Houston?

Deng: “It is a great feeling just to be here and represent the Sophomores and be selected. It is a great individual accomplishment.”

What is your favourite English soccer team?

Deng: “I am big fan of Arsenal.”

What can we expect from you and the British national team?

Deng: “Just improvement. I think it is going in the right direction right now so we´re just trying to get better.”

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