HOUSTON, Feb. 19 -- After scoring 29 points and grabbing six rebounds, leading his East team back from 21 points, LeBron James needed to go through the standard post-game MVP obligations. That means a few on-court interviews, a press conference and a photo shoot. It's a process that NBA P.R. have been doing for years, but when you're dealing with LeBron James, there a few extra issues to deal with.

1. The Posse

We'll let you in on a little secret: He's not wearing shoes.
Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images
On Friday, we followed Andre Iguodala after he won the MVP of the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge. Andre's entourage consisted of exactly five people, and three of them were family members. LeBron's entourage is more than twice that, and the only family member around was his wife. James took several photos with his management team, agent and security, but it took a while for them to all make it up the stairs to the shoot.

Maybe growing a little impatient with the whole process, LeBron shifted the MVP trophy in his arms, saying "This ain't the lightest thing to hold, I tell you."

2. The Shoes

On his way from the court to the press conference, LeBron let it be known that he wanted to get out of his shoes. No, his feet weren't hurting. He wanted to get the shoes to his Eastern Conference teammates for them to sign. But first, he needed to take some photos with the shoes on. Just a couple though, and then he took them off for the rest of the shoot.

Someone hustled the shoes back down to the locker room where two other people were in charge of getting them signed. That's teamwork.

3. The Media

This is the All-Star Game ... and this is LeBron James ... the MVP. That makes for a media circus. Several people had their interview requests declined on court. The press conference was rather tame, as a lot of the media chose to go to the locker room. That was a mistake if they wanted to talk to the MVP. They waited in the locker room through the photo shoot, but when LeBron finally returned, they were held back, so he could change and take a shower.

They would have to catch him the next time he came through their town.

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