HOUSTON, Feb. 19 -- The NBA All-Star Game is cruising at 55. With high-flying dunks, last-second drama and more celebrities than most major awards shows, the 55th NBA All-Star Game was yet another high-speed chase. But there was plenty more going on in the arena than what you saw at home. Here are 55 things you won't want to forget as we enter the fast lane.

Carter dunked so hard, he bruised his wrists.
Ronald Martinez/NBAE/Getty Images

1. There is a new LBJ in Texas. Sure, a former president with those initials hailed from Texas, but Cleveland's LeBron James scored 29 points, most of them in the second half, to spearhead the East comeback. When asked by TNT's Ernie Johnson what motivated him, he could only give credit to former Charles Barkley, the NBA All-Star MVP in 1991, whose cavalier prediction on TNT's halftime show that the West had it wrapped is what motivated him.

2. Tonight's win for the Eastern Conference extended the gap in the all-time series between the two sides. Since the first game in Boston in 1951, the Eastern All-Stars hold a 34-21 lead over the West in All-Star Games played.

3. At 21 years and 51 days, LeBron James was the youngest MVP in the history of the NBA All-Star Game. Oscar Robertson previously held that distinction, winning the first of his three awards in 1961.

4. Tracy McGrady did everything he could to put on a show for his hometown crowd. Scoring from inside and outside and led all scorers with 36 points.

5. The first team to 100 points wins. That was the Eastern Conference. When they pulled ahead at 100-99 in the fourth quarter, the West never recovered.

6. Talk about finishing on a high note. Multi-platinum superstars and Houston natives Destiny's Child spent more than 20 minutes before the game at center court rehearsing their National Anthem performance. Actually, to be more specific, they spent nearly all of that time working on the harmony for the final word of the song: Braaaaave. At the conclusion of the song, Destiny's Child will be no more and the three singers, Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly will go their separate ways.

7. Like a fine wine, South Florida dancers only get better with age. At least that's the case for the Heat Golden Oldies, a team of dancers all over the age of 50. Without question, these elderly hipsters can bust a move (and hopefully not a hip) and got the biggest standing ovation of the night from the sold out Toyota Center. Said Richard Evans, one of two male dancers on the squad, "That was really a tremendous feeling. Really great." The Golden Oldies are in their second season performing in Miami and perform at approximately one game a month.

Dancing to the Golden Oldies.
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8. During the National Anthem, the United States Marine Corps Color Guard stood sentry as seven flags representing the different countries and nationalities of our All-Stars. Quite colorful, indeed.

9. If you think their sweet moves are only on display on the court, then you haven't seen Gilbert Arenas dance. Not only was he showing off his steps during the player introductions, but he actually was working on his choreography in rehearsal and trying to teach his Eastern Conference teammates some steps on the stage when the lights were dim.

10. The Eastern Conference starters delighted the crowd as they rose up from the floor with a choreographed dance routine during player introductions. Gilbert Arenas must have choreographed that one.
"We had to convince A.I. to do it, but he came around," Vince Carter said.

11. The Western Conference starters were not to be out-done. When they rose from the floor during player introductions, Steve Nash started a 1980s break dance human wave that he passed to Kobe Bryant who passed it on down the line all the way to Yao Ming. How many times do you think they had to practice that one before they got it down?

12. So what was the Toyota's Moving Forward Moment of the night? It had to have been Heat center Shaquille O'Neal driving a remote control shoe in the locker room with a little flag out the back by the heel. With the the throng of working media huddled by his locker, Shaq honked the horn, announcing "Shoe coming through, shoe coming through."

LeBron and Shaq strike a pose.
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13. With 215 countries and territories tuning in to tonight's game, 302 credentialed international reporters and 103 telecasters calling the game in 44 languages, the international language really is the game of basketball.

14. Haven't we been here before? Actually, yes. In 1989, before a record All-Star Game crowd of 44,735 at the Astrodome in Houston, the West won 143-134 behind 28 points and 9 rebounds from MVP Karl Malone. Pat Riley and Lenny Wilkens coached the West and East, respectively.

15. Which NBA All-Star would rapper/actor Ice Cube most want to act alongside in a movie?
"I think I may have to put Allen Iverson in my next movie," the star of Friday and Barbershop said. "I actually asked him when he was going to start acting, and he told asked me when I was going to put him in a film. He is definitely versatile enough to wear both hats."

16. With Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and a frenzy of papparazzi awaiting their arrival, the NBA All-Stars led a star-studded parade down the red carpet upon their arrival at the arena. And even though the player hotel is across the street from the Toyota Center, they all arrived by car. Maybe they just asked their drivers to do a loop around the block.

17. It turns out that athletes really do use the products they get paid to promote even when no one is looking. Waiting around to be introduced backstage, New Jersey's Vince Carter downed his lemonade-flavored Gatorade.

18. It's hard to forget some of the classic All-Star jerseys in NBA history... the Southwestern-flavored unis for the game in San Antonio in 1996, those purple jerseys in Phoenix in 1995... but beginning in 1997, All-Stars wore their regular team jerseys. Now, for the fourth consecutive year, NBA All-Stars will wear uniforms created just for the game. The 2003 game in Atlanta marked the return of the themed jerseys and this year's game in Houston, home of NASA and the American space program, has inspired a a real space feel.

Ice Cube represents the West Coast.
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19. For the first time ever, players will be wearing an All-Star jacket that commemorates each of their previous All-Star Game appearances. The jackets were inspired by NASA and designed to mirror an astronaut’s flight suit.

20. The All-Stars on the court were not the only in the arena. More than 25 WNBA players in attendance, including a slate of All-Stars including Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Tamika Catchings, Becky Hammon and Swin Cash. The WNBA is celebrating its 10th anniversary this season, which tips off on Saturday, May 20.

21. NFL legend Deion Sanders, sitting courtside tonight, thinks he could field a pretty good NFL team with some of the guys in action tonight.

"It all depends on what position you are looking to fill," the only player to play in a World Series and a Super Bowl said. "I see Iverson as a quarterback, Shaq as an unstoppable defensive end and McGrady and Vince as your wide receivers. You'd get six points everytime with them by just throwing them a jump ball in the end zone."

22. Former President George Bush, the 41st President of the United States, is so beloved in Houston that they named an airport here after him. Bush was courtside when the All-Star Game came to Texas. It's good to be the king. Or the President.
"After I had some of these guys over my house when they won championships when I was President, it is nice that they were able to finally invite me to theirs."

23. The two astronauts opened tonight's official celebration from 222 miles up in the International Space Station, sending their greetings and best wishes to all of tonight's competitors. After all of the high-flying displays tonight, those two now have some company up there in the rarified air.

24. As the player introductions got underway this evening, the Eastern Conference All-Stars entrance theme music was scored by Houston symphony, playing the theme from 2001, A Space Odyssey. The Western Conference All-Stars entered the arena to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

President Bush takes in the action.
Ray Amati/NBAE/Getty Images

25. Western Conference All-Star starters and Houston Rockets Tracy McGrady and Yao players got the biggest ovation during player introductions. Are we surprised? Not so much.

26. Those of you at home might not have caught it, but there was something different about tonight's game ball. Unlike the typical Spalding ball you are used to seeing, with all of the black channels meeting at the two opposite poles, the rubber gripping channels were configured in a different pattern and also had a slightly different texture, giving it more of a street ball feel.

27. TNT really is dynamite, once again. This was the 21st year Turner Sports has featured All-Star coverage and third consecutive year the All-Star Game was televised in prime time.

28. Houston Rockets and NBA legend Clyde Drexler's favorite dunk of the game: "That Vince Carter alley-oop dunk was great. He took off from a long way away and I don't think anyone thought he would make that one. But he did."

29. All-Star perks? How about your own All-Star-branded flip flops for the shower. Every All-Star got a pair tonight.

30. With rapper/entertainers Jay-Z, Nelly, Jimmy Jam, Mary J. Blige, Bow Wow and Diddy all sitting next to each other and having a good time together throughout the game, we can safely say the only East Coast-West Coast feud was settled on the court.

31. When you are visitors in someone's home, it's always nice when they make you feel extra welcome. That's just what Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming did, by offering their special welcome to everyone in attendance tonight. As Yao said, "Let's play ball."

Why so shy? Apparently All-Stars don't like showing too much skin. Kobe had the sock on his right leg pulled up, Shaq's left leg was covered in a red stocking, both Vince and Dwayne were wearing dark leggings and Tracy McGrady also had a red and black covering on his left leg.

Tracy McGrady's flip flops, still wet from his post-game shower.
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32. Tracy McGrady sure likes to dunk off the backboard, doesn't he? Yet another dunk off the glass for the Rockets forward, this one courtesy of one Mr. Kobe Byrant.

33. The Knicks City Kids sure get around. After seeing them at the Celebrity Game and All-Star Saturday Night, the talented junior dance team from the Big Apple was up way past their bedtime yet again tonight, performing during timeouts.

34. Allen Iverson must have remembered his conversation with Ice Cube on Saturday, because coming out of a timeout in the first quarter, he chatted up Cube's Friday co-star in the front row and asked him if he was having fun.

35. What happened after Shaq and Kobe got entangled in the lane during the first quarter? Nothing but laughter all around.

36. Shaq's free throw alley-oop to himself may have been called a lane violation, but he was pulled the original move out of consideration for his teammate, Paul Pierce, who was waiting at the scorer's table to replace Shaq in the game in the first half.

37. What happens when you have Pistons coach Flip Saunders coaching the Eastern Conference squad? A mass substitution putting in four Pistons at once. And that's just what happened with three minutes to go in the first quarter.

38. The Orlando Magic have a dance team on old-school roller skates, doing just about everything you could do on a dance floor, but on wheels. Now, that's just awesome.

39. Actress Julianne Moore's young daughter has some new friends - the Raptor and Houston's MVP volunteer. The trio bonded during a timeout in the first quarter and might have exchanged e-mail addresses.

Deion Sanders thinks Vince and Tracy could be Pro Bowl wide receivers.
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40. And now we're moving on up. Chris Tucker knows his television show theme songs. When asked to take an All-Star quiz at the end of the first quarter, Kobe Bryant came on the arena vision singing a popular theme song from "The Jefferson's." Not only did Tucker know the show, but he then serenaded the crowd and finished the verse himself.

41. Good to see that the Miami Heat Dancers made the trip.

42. The legendary Marv Albert, who called tonight's game with Doug Collins on TNT, loved LeBron James' drive down the right side late in the fourth quarter.
"We compared it to Michael Jordan's move against the Lakers in the 1991 Finals," he said.

43. Even though he hasn't played a minute of basketball yet this season, it was great to see Phoenix Suns forward and past All-Star Amare Stoudemire in the crowd tonight. He is expected back in the second half of the season.

44. NBA's Full Court quiz also challenged Eva Longoria with a television show theme. Dwayne Wade started the Happy Days theme, and the Desperate Houstwives star finished strong. Good to see a current pop culture icon knows her pop culture history. Though we might not see her with a record deal anytime soon.

45. ...3... 2... 1. And we have liftoff. Chris Bosh is still in orbit after his monster left-handed dunk in the second quarter. Mission control cleared him for flight just after Vince Carter was launched toward the outer rim.

46. Grammy-winner John Legend, who teamed up with American Idol winner Carrie Underwood for another classic NBA All-Star halftime show, is a graduate of the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania, which means he could probably figure out shooting percentages faster than most statisticians here tonight.

Shaq and Kobe got reacquainted.
Lisa Blumenfeld/NBAE/Getty Images

47. During the schmoozing at halftime, Rockets owner Les Alexander chatted with Nelly about league business. Nelly is part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, but told Alexander he is learning the business and dreams about bringing an NBA team to St. Louis. Nelly then encouraged Alexander to tell his star forward, T-Mac, to bring the All-Star MVP home. After his McGrady's 17 first half points, Alexander didn't need to tell McGrady anything.

48. The Stars at Night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. The All-Stars were certainly big and bright tonight, especially when the players led fans in a stirring rendition of that local favorite.

49. Dunk at your own risk. New Jersey's Vince Carter has a large welt on the inside of his right wrist from throwing down so hard tonight.

50. It's raining 3's. When you have Allen Iverson, Dwyayne Wade and Ben Wallace on the court together, all wearing No. 3 for the Eastern Conference, the official scorer better keep close tabs on who's doing what.

51. The multi-talented Jamie Foxx was on hand in Houston and participated in another time out quiz, but instead of answering his movie quote, he took the opportunity to promote the release of his new album, "Unpredictable."

52. The NBA family welcomes its newest addition later this year when the WNBA Chicago Sky tip off. Chicago businessman Michael Alter is a huge basketball fan and was in attendance with his daughter Lydia. Her favorite play from the game? Shaq's free throw alley oop to himself.

53. Do you remember... Last year in Denver, Allen Iverson's MVP performance of 15 points, nine assists and five steals powered the East to a 125-115 victory. Gregg Popovich and Stan Van Gundy coached the West and East, respectively. It was the first win by the East All-Stars since 2001 in Washington when Iverson's 25-point effort earned him his first All-Star MVP award in a 111-110 victory.

54. The Western Conference All-Stars held a 21-point lead a one point during the game, but let that lead slip away late in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter. LeBron James started it, but the Detroit Pistons quartet eventually broke it down. They started pushing the ball more and Ben Wallace's two blocks on Pau Gasol hyped up his entire team. You could tell the Pistons were there to win. The East tied the game at 97-97 with 11:20 to go in the game. Hmmm... Maybe that's why the Pistons have the best record at the break. When he came back to the bench, all of the Eastern Conference stars congratulated Wallace, who was clearly playing his hardest on defense.
"I only know how to play one way," he told them as he sat down.

55. The East looked like they had it won with a minute to go in the fourth quarter, there was the scoring machine, Kobe Bryant, who hit two big shots with under a minute to go in the game to tie it at 120 apiece. Wade then answered with a putback and hit what was ultimately the game-winner.

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