Sonics forward Vladimir Radmanovic is quietly becoming one of the game's top outside threats. As of Feb. 16, he was 15th in the league in three-point field-goal percentage and 10th in three-pointers made. He's also averaging 12.7 points and 4.8 rebounds per game, and has been a big part of Seattle's impressive resurgence in the West. Radmanovic took time out during NBA All-Star 2005 to answer your e-mail questions.

Hey Vladimir! good luck in the 3pt Shootout this weekend! My question is: with basically the same team as last year, the sonics are emerging as a league candidate for the title. what did change in this team to go from a struggling team last season to title contender this season? thx for answering & good luck for the season!
-- Alain from Beruit, Lebanon

Radmanovic poses for a portrait during NBA All-Star 2005.
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images
Radmanovic: There was no change we had on our team; Danny Fortson was the only change player-wise. Weíve been together for a while, playing good basketball, liking each other and enjoying the time with each other. So thatís the chemistry that we have and itís the main reason why weíre here right now.

Hi Vlade! I'm a big Sonics fan, and I've really enjoyed watching you play these last couple years. My question is.. what's the biggest difference you've noticed between Seattle and Serbia-Montenegro? What do you miss about home, and what do you like/dislike about Seattle?
-- Derrik from Seattle, Washington

Radmanovic: Everythinngís different. Seattle is a completely different town from the town where Iím coming from. People are different. The food is different. Culture is different. Everything is different. There are some things I like, there are a lot of things that I like in Seattle, but my hometown is my hometown so that is the best place in the world for me.

Vlado, first greetings for you and all of our other players in the NBA. We're watching and cheering for all of you every game. At the beginning of the season you said that you're going to try improving more aspects of your game, not just relying on shots behind the arc. Have you succeeded in that? Are you satisfied with your all-round game nowadays? Hope you'll win the 3-point shootout and that Sonics will go far into the playoffs! Regards from Serbia!
-- Johnny from Belgrade, Serbia

Radmanovic: I think there is a lot of room for improvement for myself. I know I can shoot the ball but there are some different things you have to do on the floor to be able to play and be consistent in this league and Iím trying to do something new each season. This season Iím trying to go to the rack a little bit more than I did in the past. Itís getting better. Iím catching up. Babysteps. As long as youíre improving, itís following the plan.

Vladimir, how did you prepare for the shoot-out? And is the winner really the best 3 point shooter, or does the factor luck also play an important role, according to you?
-- Johan from Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Radmanovic: Thereís a little bit of everything. You have to be lucky. You have to have your shot exactly where you want it. There are a lot of factors.

Hello there Vladimir, greetings!! who among past players do you admire most in terms of 3 point shooting?...I really admire your three point shooting, thank you and more power to you and your team the Seattle Supersonics.
-- Kheisof from Zamboanga City, Philippines

Radmanovic: Peja (Stojakovic) is one of my favorites. Thatís a guy that can shoot the hell out of the ball. (Ray Allen cuts in to tell Vlad he canít say ďHell.Ē) Heís the guy Iím going to go with, not only because heís my countryman but because heís just a guy who can shoot the ball really well.

Whats up Vladimir, hows it going. I know your a big fashion guy (6-10) to be exact, and since i live in the seattle area, i was wondering where you get your threads.
-- Peter from Seattle, Washington

Radmanovic: Most of my stuff I get in L.A. at Dolce&Gabbana store. So if they want to be like me, thatís the place to go.