A native of Argentina, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili will make his first appearance in the NBA All-Star Game this year. The third-year guard is averaging 16.0 points and 1.72 steals (10th in the NBA) in 30.0 minutes per game. The team's third-leading scorer behind Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, Ginobili is a key piece of the puzzle for the Southwest division leading Spurs.

Ginobili took time out during NBA All-Star 2005 to answer your e-mail questions.

First of all, congratulations on making the all-star game! I was so excited when i found out. How did you feel when you found out that you had made the team?
-- Kelly from Duluth, Georgia

Ginobili poses for a portrait during NBA All-Star 2005.
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images
Ginobili: "There were some dreams inside of me, that in the near future I would probably have a chance, but at the beginning of this year I wasnít thinking about the All-Star Game. So it was a great gift. Iím so proud and so happy to be here that Iím going to enjoy this weekend more than anybody else."

How are you feeling about your all star appearance?
-- Gus from Mission, Texas

Ginobili: "Itís great. I was here last year, but being a part of the other game. But this is different. It all started 15 minutes ago when we were having the meeting, and I was looking at my side, and it was (Tracy) McGrady, Kobe (Bryant). Of course Iím used to having Tim (Duncan), but K.G., Yao and all those great players! And I was between them and it was a very good feeling."

How crazy is everything out there this weekend?
Billy from Columbus, Ohio

Ginobili: "It has to be like this. This is one of the biggest events in basketball. You can compare it only with NBA Finals and the Olympic finals. So you know what to expect once you are chosen to play this game and you just enjoy it."