New Orleans Hornets guard Baron Davis earned first place in the 989 Sports Skills Challenge during All-Star Saturday Night presented by America Online. caught up with Davis after the event.

Baron Davis earned first place in the 989 Sports Skills Challenge.
Andrew D. Bernstein
NBAE/Getty Images
Q: What's the most challenging aspect of the Skills Challenge?
"I think the passing's the most challenging. You've got to have pinpoint passes. Jason Kidd gave me some pointers as far as the bounce passes. He told me to spin the ball, so I threw my bounce passes at an angle, saved some time, and I hit my shots."

"What's been the most important factor in you having the career year that you're having?
"I think overall just focus. My conditioning has been a factor - all of the work I did in the summer."

"He Got Game" recently won an award on as the best basketball movie - do you agree?
"I agree. Definitely agree - I love Spike Lee and everything he's done."

We've heard you've been working on a basketball movie - what's the story?
"Yeah, it's called "Black Top," it's a basketball movie. It's in pre-production - we're still working on writing it, drafting it."