The Lakers team of Magic Johnson, Lisa Leslie and Derek Fisher earned first place in the RadioShack Shooting Stars event during All-Star Saturday Night presented by America Online. caught up with Johnson after the event.

Magic Johnson celebrated after the Lakers won the RadioShack Shooting Stars.
Andrew D. Bernstein
NBAE/Getty Images
What's your favorite thing about performing for an L.A. crowd?
"My favorite part is just winning. (Laughs) This is home, I love it, and I think the celebrities is probably the most fun part. You want to perform so well for them and it gets you hyped up and really excited about playing when you see Jack sitting down there, Denzel, Will Smith, all the people who come out to our games."

So much has happened for you this weekend, with a statue unveiled at STAPLES, a huge tribute event, and now you've won an event - what's been the best part?
"My favorite part has just been the fact that I got a statue. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get one. With that being said, you never get a statue or any award by yourself. So many people help you - my teammates helped me, my coach Pat Riley helped me, this community helped me, the fans. So half of it goes to the fans and my teammates for helping me to get that statue. Because it could have been Jerry West, could have been Elgin Baylor, Kareem, Wilt Chamberlain - any of those four great players. They chose me and I'm honored."

What was your favorite moment from that great tribute night on Thursday?
"I didn't really have one favorite moment. I think that Wednesday night [statue unveiling] was fantastic and then Thursday night [Tribute to Magic night] was unbelievable with Earth Wind and Fire and everybody, my college teammates, my fifth-grade teacher, my high-school coach. They surprised me with those. It was wonderful and those moments were all special."

People often compare LeBron to you - what skills and qualities will he need to develop to become an all-time great?
"First of all, you just need to give him time to learn the NBA game. I think he's going to be great when he knows how to draw fouls, and when he knows how to pick and choose when to dominate the game and dominate the ball. Those are the things you have to learn by playing, and when he gets more seasons under his belt in about two or three years, he's just going to be the most exciting thing in basketball, and the most dominant player. But you have to learn those things by playing."

Who are your favorite NBA legends to catch up with and hang out with when you're at All-Star Weekend?
"Too many to name! Bob Lanier, Bill Russell is one of my favorites, Dr. J, Larry Bird, George Gervin, Earl Monroe, Clyde Frazier. Man, I'm a basketball lover, and I love basketball and I love the history of the game. Those old guys are my guys!"