Indiana's Fred Jones won the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk during All-Star Saturday Night presented by America Online. caught up with Jones, and his friend Brandon Brooks who assisted with his final dunk, after the event.

Fred Jones won the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk.
Noah Graham
NBAE/Getty Images
What do you think about how it ended? Do you think you guys should've been able to keep going?
Jones: "Well, I came out on top, so I wanted to stop it as soon as I was done."

Did you know you had one it at the end?
Jones: "No. I thought he had another dunk. I was happy with the outcome."

Do you think you coulda tried the dunk (passed from the stands) one more time?
Jones: "Yeah, I thought we deserved another crack at it. I just missed two of them, it just slipped out of my hands. He did his jobs."

Is it better to win on a dunk at the end where the crowd goes crazy?
Jones: "Oh yeah, I wish I would've gotten that last one in. I didn't want to miss no dunks in this contest. That was the major one and it didn't come out how I wanted it."

Ron Artest told us that he knew you were going to win because he sees you dunk in practice. Have you been showing your teammates anything special?
Jones: "Me and Ron, we battle each other every day so he knows what I can do. He had the confidence in me because that's my teammate."

I heard you said you've won six out of seven slam dunk contests. Which one did you lose?
Jones: "The NCAA one at the Final Four. I'm not sure who won....I think it was Roland Roberts."

You going to come back and defend it next year?
Jones: "Yeah, I'll be there."

Are you going to try that next year, going to do that same thing?
Brooks: "I got a newer dunk. I got something else that the whole world will be shocked about. It's gonna seem like its fake, like its from the Matrix or something."