provided fans the opportunity to vote for the “Greatest NBA All-Star Weekend” through a daily retrospective look at the top 10 NBA All-Star Weekends, dating back to the first weekend in Denver in 1984, and the results are in!

With 37.5 percent of the total vote, 1988 won your election as the greatest weekend ever, the year in which Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins squared off in a dunk competition for the ages, when Celtics legend Larry Bird win his third consecutive three-point shootout, and when Jordan returned on Sunday to dominate the All-Star Game, scoring 40 points to win MVP on his homecourt in Chicago.

Check out the complete tally below, and you can still click on any year to get that weekend's highlights. Thanks for voting!

Michael Jordan 1988
M.J. vs. 'Nique in epic dunk contest
Bird victorious in third shootout
Jordan scores 40, MVP in Chi-town
Vince Carter 2000
Vince rocks the dunk contest
Hornacek takes shootout
Rooks top Sophs
Duncan, Shaq win co-MVPs
Wilt Chamberlain 1997
NBA names 50 Greatest Players
MJ posts first All-Star triple-double
Iverson MVP of Rookie Challenge
Kobe wins dunk contest
Allen Iverson 2001
Iverson leads big East comeback
Mason wins dunk competition
Allen takes shootout
Szczerbiak MVP of Rookie Challenge
Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas 1992
Magic comes out of retirement
Ceballos dunks blindfolded
Hodges ties Bird's shootout record
Spud Webb 1986
Webb outdunks 'Nique
Bird victorious in debut of shootout
Zeke wins second MVP
Michael Jordan 1996
Legler sets shootout record
Barry wins with foul-line jam
Stoudamire leads rookies
MJ scores 20 in 22 minutes
Scottie Pippen 1994
Penny MVP in first Challenge
Rookie Rider wins dunk contest
Price takes second shootout
Pip scores 29 in MVP performance
Larry Nance 1984
All-Star weekend debuts
Nance shocks Dr. J
Isiah leads East to OT win
Dee Brown 1991
Jerseys auctioned for Gulf War
Brown covers eyes to win dunk
Barkley owns boards, wins MVP