We received thousands of comments in our LIVE block party from NBA fans all over the world during the 2003 All-Star Game. And they weren't shy about telling everyone what they thought about their favorite players or what was happening in the game.

Many of you were sad that it was the farewell All-Star performance for Michael Jordan. Still, everyone appreciated his past accomplishments and his excellence in this game. There were also many accolades for the international players particpating in the game and some of you were looking forward to even more being included in the coming years. And for those of you who still think the Lakers will win another NBA title, only time will tell.

Following is an excerpt of comments we received during the chat. Thanks for everyone for participating in our Global Fan Forum!

Angel Montoya, San Luis, Sonora, Mexico.: what do you need to make a perfect weekwnd, just Baskettball.

Lindsey(Vancouver): I love watching da Nba. Its awesome that we get to see da best players of the game be on the same court. Carter, Bryant, Iverson are the best! Keep scorin' n dunkin' you guys rock! Big ups to Yao Ming. I believe he will become very talented one day. And thx for da wonderful memories MJ! You won't be forgotten :)

Warlord (Panama): Jordan will retire from the NBA but his spirit and legacy will be forever and no one will forget about that.

JazZiE - CaLiFoRniA [can0ga park]: JajaYM!!!.. g0 west side!!! 0h yeah!! Michael Jordan should be the Most Valuable Player!!! Agree??!! oh yea!! it`s all g0od!! g0 west!

gjq6@sina.com CHN: I love NBA,and I love this game.VC is my favourite,but MJ is my best love.And I think MJ wil get the MVP! yes it is

Ivan Poza (Madrid, Spain): Johnson was the MAGIC and Jordan is the MAGICIAN. Donīt wake up from these wonderful dream Michael.

scorpio(chicago): On court first ther is god and then then after him it is michael U rule Michael

Charlie Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.: It ainīt over until itīs over! I believe weīll have many more years of MJ, maybe not inside the court, but related to sports!

Inanh(Hanoi, VietNam): So long great great Michael 'n' never forget fantastic works by MJ all the time.

mehmet can(istanbul): i enjoy watch great nba stars today i love jordan jordan come turkey.please

Jose (Panama): He's done it again! MJ is something else... I wish this moment would never end...

Arbi Basa - Manila, Philippines: Jordan is not expired but he inspires every person in the world who likes basketball. MJ thanks for giving us the new art of basketball. Thanks for the thrills and thanks for the love you created in us. You really give us hope. You have shown the world no bounderies for basketball. And thanks for creating new athletes inspired by you. MJ ... we are vowed to thank you! WE LOVE YOU!!

Martin, karpos 2, Macedonia: did you see this? how about that

gjq6@sina.com: Yes baby!!! Jordan made it! The last ball!we believe you still can fly!! you do it!!! you're best 4ever!!!! we love you!

Lottay Pieguy, BHUTAN: It was 7 a.m. in the morning when we watched the All Star Game here in the tiny himalayan country,BHUTAN. It couldn't be a better weekend in the most recent years and I couldn't be starting this week with such high spirit. Cheers to the All-star weekend.The All- star weekend was truly one entertaining and MJ(Ma-Jing-AMAZING) Jordan's presence and the half-time speech was one emotional showdown and he truly is THE greatest and the best humanity can offer and he will forever remain my favourite personality.Thanks for happening.NBA-keep up the good work!!!......kuzuzangpola@hotmail.com

Eduardo (Santiago, Dom. Rep.): Jordan is definitely the greatest, I absolutely love him, I onle wish that he would love me too!

scott bristol: hes done it again,,he should retire tonight!!

Henry (Calgary, Canada): This night is special not just for the sport of basketball and us fans, but for the entire humanity as well. In this time of international chaos and distrust, it is truly inspiring to see people come together from all around the globe and just enjoy the game. We are all connected by basketball as our universal language. For a brief moment, the world seems so peaceful and free from the ugliness that we see too much of everyday, just the way it should be. Let's enjoy this night my friends, for there aren't many like it.

Allen,Shanxi CHINA: I like Allen forever.

Toronto: Please let Vince have more time...

Baran, Istanbul-Turkey: What can i say? Lets enjoy 5 more minutes of MJ! he did it again, and thanx to Oneil we have 5 more minutes. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Hans - Guatemala: The best match ever... I love this game. MJ rules.

Ada: I Believe MJ can fly

istanbul (SBD983): THANKS GOD its the second overtime .

Pepeto(Sto. Dgo.,RD): Jordan did what he do best, but Jermanine .... don't do that again ...

Martin, karpos 2, Macedonia: First team reaches 200 points wins ok?

Odi Las Palmas SPAIN: MJ, MICHAEL JORDAN, you did a pact with god. You are out of this world and really the only one Wizard

Medeni(Ýstanbul): This is a singular match. Thank You Fatih.

Vishakhapahtnam, India: We had to get up at 4:30 in the Morning to watch the greatest game of all time. But it was worth walking those three kilometers to the nearest TV. I LoVe this game. Ashok

Ian Beijing CHINA: What is tragedy? See the game...deuce deuce and deuce...MJ never gives up, and MJ never quits!

Alon Dekel(Tel-Aviv,Israel): M.J you are the king of the world! Amazing shot!

ameen from turkey : mike is leavin' us but a legend never dies ...he ll still be in our minds. holla to algiers ,and to all my bros up in there

Henk (Orlando): Thanks Mike for all the sweet memories!Hope you will enjoy the golden years of your life. God bless you!

Chris (Honolulu, Hawaii): Thanks KOBE for the 2nd overtime!

Fcjab crew(France): Hurry up!in France it s 5o'clock!we have to go to school!!

Nitesh (Sydney): I believe Michael Jordan get the MVP tonight, he has been a great player and a true ambassor of the game and the best player to ever lace on a pair of basketball shoes. He has been a legend on and off the court, Michael has been the sole reason why i love and play the game today and their will be many who will agree with me. Michael Jordan has set a new level for players to reach, his passion for the game on and off the court was unbelievable. Their are many rising stars of the game but no one will be like Mike, as a person and a player. It was from Michael Jordan that learnt to never give up and to always believe in yourself. I hope tonight Michael Jordan goes out best the possible way ever, and that he hits the last shot to win the game. Thank you Michael Michael Jordan.

Bilbao, Spain: Hello from Spain, I hope the East to win. I think that Gasol should have been called for the All-Star. Go McGrady!!!

Aleksandar(Serbia): MJ - thank you for being an everlasting inspiration to all of us...

Bombay, India: All of India is Watching you Michael Jordan!

Arbi Basa - Philippines: WOW! This is the greatest NBA ALL STAR GAME!! Imagine .. 2 OT period. Im hoping for the third one. I like to play all star player for so long time with MJ. Thnks NBA!

David, Paris FRance: wonderful final all star game for the best player ever!the legend of MJ will go on forever

Angel Montoya, San Luis,Sonora, Mexico.: YEAHHHH! A SECOND OVERTIME could we ask for more???

Denise (Atlanta): I'm not believing this double ot!!

Mewportnews: there was a second ot? who's winning?

Hong Kong: Michael Jordan is the MVP of the game!!

russel( Mayon,QC, Philippines: hi!!!to all my palls.... thnx solar for the coverage.. MJ your still the best MVP!!! I Love This Game.......

Jose Dominican Republic: Jordan show it. Heīs still the best. Thanks MJ for those greats moments, the world wouldīt forget you.

Baran, Istanbul: 6 in the morning, gotta work tomorrow, still watching MJ and the others.. Is this love or what?

auckland New Zealand: Awesome game!J O'neal spoiled M.J. moment.

Aleksandar(Serbia): MJ - thank you for being an everlasting inspiration to all of us...

deniz (izmir)(TURKEY): JORDAN don't leave us.PLEASE.I can't tell you how I'm feeling now I want to cry like a baby. I watched JORDAN's last basket. I think he isn't a human. he's a GOD

zhuhai: we'd all glad to watch this so exciting match.i think MJ will be the hero of the match at last.because he is god.

Cao, from China: an old chinesed proverb goes like this: good result comes from unusuall experience. MJ, God of basketball, no matter what happens, we believe, you are always the best!

Orange County, CA : Way to go Kobe, my man!!!!!!!! Does it get any better than this? Kobe for MVP of the NBA!!!!

ameen from turkey : allen s got d answer that s why he gotsta be da mvp!!!!! holla to my bros up in algiers!!

Ms. McGrady- The Bronx/ NYC: I want T-Mac orf Jordan to be MVP. Damn Jermaine for that double overtime!!!!

Alex (Fort Wayne): Did you see Jordan make the game point?

Hurkan (Istanbul): Can you see how "one" the world is?Can you see the hero who makes us cheer and dance?Thanks MJ

tony (phillipines): Go! michael J. Go! your the best player in the world.

Apple (Philippines): Double OT? What a great All-Star Game!

zhwitrusis, Lithuania: it`s great!

Hurkan (Turkey): Can you see how "one" the world is?Can you see the hero who makes us cheer and dance?Thanks MJ

Egor (Estonia): Garnett the best! Kevin it is your night! Kevin Garnett is the MVP of the game!

Ted (Peru): MVP of All Star Game: Michael always

Miami Beach (USA): MJ and this game does bring us all together...


Ben (cape town): We couln't ask for More. Thanx West

lottay Pieguy,Bhutan: OMIGOD!I am at work right now and I just received a phone call 4m my fren' who is home (lucky him)watching the game goin' into over-time now. My goodness! JORDAN simply is one helluva talented sports GOD.He must not retire permanently for the good of the game.OMIGOD!I just can't believe his presence always matters/counts and he just made an amazing believe it or not! shot.....OOOH! la la laa.....

Angel Montoya, San Luis,Sonora, Mexico.: I give a 10 to this game, I donīt care who win

Arvin (Manila, Philippines): Oh, Man!What can I say, the West made the final say!

Hurkan (Istanbul): Can you see how "one" the world is?Can you see the hero who makes us cheer and dance?Thanks MJ

Chan Chung LoK(Hong Kong): Im sad because at hong kong cannot live this OT2 , i just can see the boxscore at the nba.com. anyway , michael jordan hits his shot at the end of the OT1 is pretty good.He is the best basketball player ever in the world.

deniz : I'm very sorry. The show has finished!

Moderator: The game has ended, after a wonderful game with 2 overtime periods Kevin Garnett has been named the MVP of the all star game.

Moderator: Thank you for joining our chat. We look forward to hearing from you again at the NBA Finals