WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 , 2001(AP) -- Desmond Mason likes to draw and paint. And now he's a slam dunk artist.

Mason, who's dabbled in art since he was 15, attended Oklahoma State and recently attended a memorial service for the basketball players and staff killed in a plane crash.

"It's hard when you go out and play basketball and you feel guilty," Mason said. "I feel guilty because I've lost teammates I cared about."

Desmond Mason
Mason will take the dunk trophy home to Seattle. (Andy Hayt/NBAE Photos)

The Seattle SuperSonics rookie won the NBA.com Slam Dunk presented by Real on Saturday night, beating 19-year-old DeShawn Stevenson of Utah and Charlotte's Baron Davis in the final round.

Mason, the oldest competitor in the field of young leapers at age 23, had a soaring left-handed dunk on his first try of the final round to get a 45 out of a possible 50. Then he received a 44 with a two-handed cradle on a drive from the right side for a final-round 89.

Stevenson, who won a high school dunk contest last year before going right to the NBA, finished with a final-round 85 and Davis a 77.

Knowing he needed a big score to win, Davis tried to dunk with his headband covering his eyes on his final attempt but didn't hit the rim and managed just a 33.

"I guess you could say it's a bad day for headbands," said Davis.

Baron Davis
Hornets guard Baron Davis, who finished third, soars in for a slam. (Mitchell Layton/NBAE Photos)

Not making the final round were Corey Maggette, Stromile Swift and Jonathan Bender.

Davis also had one of the most creative dunks of the first round. He took a pass from Charlotte teammate David Wesley, who was shooting the approach with a video camera, and then dunked. It brought a 49 and propelled him into the second round.

Mason got the second 49 of the opening round when, on his third try, he soared over teammate Rashard Lewis, who was bent at the waist with his warmup jersey pulled over his head.

Then Stevenson earned a 49 by dunking after Utah teammate Bryon Russell threw the ball off the glass for him.

Showing their nerves in their first appearance in the contest, Bender, Mason, Stevenson, and Swift all missed their first attempts.

On his first try, Maggette unveiled the "Super Maggette" he promised a day earier. He raced down the court, stopped at the 3-point line and did a forward flip before gathering himself and then taking a pass from Clippers teammate Quentin Richardson to dunk.

In the first round each player got three dunks -- one had to include a teammate -- with the lowest score excluded.

The judges were Julius Erving, David Thompson, Nate Archibald, Danny Ainge and Kenny Smith. A maximum of 10 points can be assigned to each dunk by each judge.


First round
DeShawn Stevenson, Utah - 46-49 - 95
Baron Davis, Charlotte - 45-49 - 94
Desmond Mason, Seattle - 42-49 - 91

Failed To Qualify
Jonathan Bender, Indiana - 46-44 - 90
Stromile Swift, Vancouver - 45-45 - 90
Corey Maggette, L.A. Clippers - 46-42 - 88

Desmond Mason, Seattle - 45-44 - 89
DeShawn Stevenson, Utah - 38-47 - 85
Baron Davis, Charlotte - 44-33 - 77