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Jason Richardson towered over the competition.
Andrew D. Bernstein
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J-Rich Gets Richer
Jason Richardson, the 'got milk?' Rookie Challenge MVP, defeated defending champion Desmond Mason in the first round, and ousted Gerald Wallace in the finals of the 2002 Slam Dunk presented by RealOne on Saturday night. The brash Warrior rookie punctuated the competition with a bounce pass to himself before twisting in midair and flushing the ball down in a reverse, earning him a second trophy.
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Mason, Francis Return for Slam Dunk
Defending champion Desmond Mason and 2000 runner-up Steve Francis join Jason Richardson and Gerald Wallace for the 2002 Slam Dunk presented by Real One.

The Sky's the Limit
With double duty in the Slam Dunk presented by RealOne and the 'got milk?' Rookie Challenge, Warriors rookie Jason Richardson is reaching new heights.

Dunk Masters
Do you remember all the great dunks from years past? Take a look at all the winners of all of the slam dunk contests in our historical photo gallery that spans the years.

Desmond Does It
Baron Davis missed a blind-folded dunk in his final attempt, paving the way for Seattle's Desmond Mason to win the 2001 Slam Dunk presented by Real in Washington, D.C.
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Slam Dunk History
Get the year-by-year results from the slam dunk contest, dating back to when Larry Nance outdueled Dr. J in 1984.
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Look back at the history of the slam dunk contest.
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Desmond Mason took the 2001 slam dunk crown.
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