You've already voted for the All-Star teams, now it's time to vote for the All-Throwback team. This is your chance to vote for the NBA's top personalities and specialists while getting a quick history lesson on the game's quirky past. Vote from Jan. 29-Feb. 7, then check back on Feb. 8 to see who the overall winners were. will then talk to as many of the winners as possible during All-Star Weekend to get their thoughts on what it means to be an All-Throwback.

The Tim Hardaway Award
... given to the player with the nastiest crossover dribble

Nominee No. 1: Steve Francis
When he starts with the high dribble and the loping stride, everyone in arena knows what's coming, but most are powerless to stop it. Quickness guarantees he'll either get an open jumper or an open lane to the basket. Powerful finisher to boot.

Nominee No. 2: Allen Iverson
Uses long arms to nearly wrap ball around defender's back before pulling it back and disappearing in the other direction. Can create space for his jumper whenever he wants.

Nominee No. 3: Stephon Marbury
Crossover perfected on the courts of Coney Island, still makes would-be defenders look like playground hacks at times. Compact build lets him change directions instantaneously.

Nominee No. 4: Gary Payton
Uses a combination backdown-crossover move to absolute perfection. Spins with such precision that he has ability to get an open look whenever he wants. Strong driving to the left or the right.

Nominee No. 5: Nick Van Exel
One of the best with the shot clock winding down or the game on the line. Uses crossover well past the three-point line to create space for jumper. Drives the lane very well, and hits many an acrobatic layup.

Granted, Hardaway is still playing, but during early days in Golden State had a crossover dribble that was one of most jaw-droppingly effective moves in the game. Doesn't have jitterbug quickness he once possessed, but has adapted game very effectively in Miami and now Dallas. Was offensive catalyst for "Run-TMC" during heyday in Bay Area, and ankle-breaking crossover was his signature move.