Basketball and the movies: The 2004 Gheorghie Awards
Best ’70s Basketball Movie

With the All-Star weekend festivities taking place in Hollywood, recognizes the symbiosis of basketball and filmdom in presenting the 2004 Gheorghie Awards. Named in honor of seven-foot-seven basketball and entertainment legend Gheorghe Muresan (Washington Bullets, My Giant, Snickers and ESPN ads, et al), the Gheorghies unveiled dozens of nominees in 15 categories over three days, with your votes determining the winners. The envelopes, please.

Complete Results

And the nominees are:

Cornbread, Earl and Me (1975)
Keith (soon to be Jamaal) Wilkes plays "Cornbread," a basketball star who is murdered, leaving his 12-year-old friend (Laurence Fishburne) to deal with the loss.

Fast Break (1979)
Gabe Kaplan takes a group of NYC ballers -- including Bernard King -- to the desert and turns a small Nevada college into a powerhouse.

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979)
Thanks to a little astrology -- and a whole lot of Dr. J -- Pittsburgh's pathetic Pythons are transformed into the powerhouse Pisces and become the pride of Pennsylvania.

One On One (1977)
Robby Benson plays a high-school hot-shot who has his dreams dashed at a big-time college program. Oh, and he finds love.