• Jerome 'Slim' Du Plooy
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The Knicks Like the 2007/2008 Nuggets?

I don't know what you think, but the 2012-13 New York Knicks are starting to look a little bit more like the 2007-08 Denver Nuggets. If you go back to the 2006-07 and 2007-08 rosters you will see that Marcus Camby, Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin all played together during those two seasons. Although the Nuggets never passed the first round of the Playoffs in either of those seasons, their 2007-08 regular-season campaign was a more successful one. The team recorded 50 wins for the first time in 20 years and on March 16, 2008 produced one of the most explosive offensive displays in NBA history.

You might be asking why I am bringing this up? We are heading to the Playoffs soon and these guys were part of the Denver Nuggets unit that beat the then Seattle Supersonics, 168-116. “A lot of people are going to think it’s a misprint,” Martin said then. “A lot of people will think there’s no way they scored that many points. It’s unbelievable. There are no words for it.” Martin had 23 points in that game, Melo 26, and Camby a triple double.

Can this be the case for these players in the Knicks uniform? Can they bring the same chemistry to New York? The Knicks are currently battling injuries and have recently lost Carmelo for three games while Amar'e Stoudemire is out for six weeks. J.R. Smith is a scoring machine, but has his off days. Camby can still rebound and block shots, while Melo also says that if KMart is locked in and focused, he can help the Knicks a lot. For the Knicks’ sake I hope he can, considering the recent injuries of Rasheed Wallace and Carmelo Anthony.

I want you to note that the Knicks are a contender and stand second in the Eastern Conference, nine games behind Miami, who they lead 2-1 this season. Can they beat Miami? In my view the answer is yes, if they stay healthy. They have got two powerful big men in Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby. Last season T.C. was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, an award M.C. took home in 2007. M.C. also led the league in rebounding percentage which proves that he is still a glass beast and up there with the best like Kevin Love and Dwight Howard. These guys just need to stay healthy with Playoffs around the corner.

I said at the beginning of the season that the Knicks would make noise and they got off to a hot start, dating back to December 2012 where they were 15-5 and beat the Heat twice during that period, with and without Melo. The Knicks are also a big threat at home. They don't like losing at home.

Note that although the Nuggets did not make it past the first round in the two years that Camby, Anthony, Martin, and Smith played together, as I always say, this is a matured group who wants to win. So be prepared for some huge disappointments come Playoffs.

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