• Jerome 'Slim' Du Plooy
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Dwight Howard Must Follow LeBron James' Footsteps

When he left Cleveland, LeBron James was fiercely criticized for his "Decision". When Dwight Howard left Los Angeles, Shaquille O'Neal ripped Dwight Howard saying he couldn't handle the pressure. LeBron was all about "The Decision" while Dwight is caught up in the "Dwightmare".

LeBron James left Cleveland in pursuit of championships and Dwight, well... he will have to do the same. Dwight is one of the most talented centers in the game and a lot of people believe he does not want to win. That's not true. It's every NBA player's dream to win a championship. Just like LeBron, Dwight has his own share of stars surrounding him including James Harden, Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons. LeBron had to win a championship to redeem himself and shut his critics up. Dwight, on the other hand, is not LeBron, but has to pull a LeBron and show his critics that he is hungry, built to win and that he is not only an entertainer. LeBron owned up to the mistakes he made, worked on himself, his game and that is something Dwight will have to do as well. Superman needs to do what LebBron James did and that is to make himself likeable again. He needs to accept his mistakes, take a look back at L.A. and Orlando to see what went wrong, work on it and let a ring and a championship do the entertaining.

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