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On ESPN: Rockets-Blazers

Two teams vying for the final playoff spot in the West face off in Portland (LIVE).

On League Pass: Warriors-Suns

Golden State puts its 10-game winning streak on the line in Phoenix (LIVE).

Cavs Spoil Kobe's Cleveland Finale

LeBron James scores 29 and Kyrie Irving has 35 in the Cavaliers' 120-111 win.

Leonard Saves Spurs In Orlando

Kawhi Leonard gets 29 and hits the winner to give San Antonio its sixth straight victory.

Blogtable: Playoff Bound?

The Jazz are on a seven-game win streak, but will they make the postseason?

All-Star 2016: Respected By Many

Whether as coach of the Cavaliers or the East All-Stars, Tyronn Lue is a perfect fit.

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Chauncey Billups

Image link to Forever a Piston

Forever a Piston

The Pistons honor the point guard by retiring his jersey.



Image link to Comparing greatness

Comparing greatness

Kobe vs. LeBron: How do the two compare and contrast?

The Starters

Image link to Good call?

Good call?

Did the NBA get it right by adding Pau Gasol to the All-Star team?

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NBA Pulse

Image link to Smitty's Mt. Rushmore

The Starters

Image link to Such a long way

Such a long way

How big is having All-Star 2016 in Toronto? The Starters explain.

Inside The NBA

Image link to Coaching carousel

Coaching carousel

The guys try to explain all the coaching moves this season.

Stats & Standings

Stats Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Cleveland 38 14
2 Toronto 35 17
3 Boston 32 23
4 Atlanta 31 24
5 Miami 29 24
6 Indiana 28 25
7 Chicago 27 25
8 Charlotte 27 26
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 48 4
2 San Antonio 45 8
3 Oklahoma City 39 14
4 L.A. Clippers 35 18
5 Memphis 31 22
6 Dallas 29 26
7 Houston 27 27
8 Utah 26 26
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Slow starters

The Hawks' offense isn't pretty to start games this season as the Offensive Ratings can attest.