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Here's To You, 'Nique

No Atlanta sports figure has impacted the city like the Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins. Wilkins on legacy in Atlanta | 21 monumental moments | NB80s: Wilkins rules

Sight For Sore Eyes

Basketball fans everywhere couldn't be happier to have Craig Sager back.

On TNT: Thunder vs. Bulls

A night after his fourth straight triple-double, Russell Westbrook goes for No. 5 (8 ET).

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Image link to Together as one

Together as one

The NBA and are teaming up to promote equality.



Image link to Flipping the switch

Flipping the switch

It's been a tough year for the Spurs. Are they turning a corner?


Image link to Immortalized


MJ. Magic. Kareem. View the statues of NBA legends.



Which Dominique Wilkins memory stands out most?

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Image link to Old school

Old school

The Pacers' throwbacks make the guys thirsty for more.


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If Dominique gets his own statue, what player is next?

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2 Memphis 43 17
3 Portland 40 19
4 Houston 41 20
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6 Dallas 40 22
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8 Oklahoma City 34 27
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On the move

Defenders, beware. Russell Westbrook gets out on the break. A lot. And he's very good at it, too.