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Kia MVP Ladder: Gift And A Curse

Russell Westbrook is doing things only the legends have done. And yet it still may not be enough. The Starters: Is Westbrook the MVP? | Westbrook goes wild | Westbrook thriving in transition

Thursday Rewind: Moore Is Plenty

Get a full recap of last night's two-game slate, plus the big return of Craig Sager.

Glad To Have You Back

Craig Sager's grand return to the sidelines touched the hearts of everyone watching.

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Shaqtin' A Fool

Image link to Otto-matic


Otto Porter might have just beat out every one of Shaq's 'fools.'


Bleacher Report

Image link to Face-off


Is a superstar rivalry brewing between Harden and LeBron?

The Starters

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Next up

Dominique has a statue. Which player should get one next?



Which legend should get a statue in their honor next?

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Total Votes: 744

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Smitty's Mt. Rushmore

The Starters

Image link to MVP?


The guys have strong arguments regarding Russell Westbrook.

The Association

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Grit 'n' grind

Take a look behind the scenes at what makes the Grizzlies tick.

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One Stat, One Play

On the move

Defenders, beware. Russell Westbrook gets out on the break. A lot. And he's very good at it, too.