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On TNT: Bulls-Kings

For Chicago it's been "No Rose, No Problem," as the squad looks to remain unbeaten on the road with a record start. Sacramento tries to make a statement, though (LIVE). Bulls' Rose, Gasol out

Clippers Smoke Heat

Chris Paul scores 26 with 12 dimes to lead L.A. in an easy 110-93 win in Miami.

The Starters: You're Kidding

The guys look at weird moments from the week, including the Pels' new addition.

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Image link to Touching moment

Touching moment

The Raps took an opportunity to honor "Vinsanity."



Image link to No give up in him

No give up in him

Kobe Bryant refuses to concede defeat in Lakerland.

Diesel's Dunks

Image link to Droppin' knowledge

Droppin' knowledge

Shaq reviews the best jams and cuts a rug a little bit, too.

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Image link to Jennings Jabber

Jennings Jabber

The Pistons' point guard is working on selflessness.

Inside Stuff

Image link to Sound of music

Sound of music

James Harden compares game to various musical styles.


Image link to Listen up

Listen up

Get inside huddles around The Association this week.


Image link to Wow. Just wow.

Wow. Just wow.

Brandon Knight flubs a game-winning breakaway layup.

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Rank Eastern W L
1 Toronto 9 2
2 Chicago 8 3
3 Washington 7 3
4 Milwaukee 7 5
5 Miami 6 5
6 Cleveland 5 5
7 Atlanta 5 5
8 Indiana 5 7
Rank Western W L
1 Memphis 10 2
2 Golden State 8 2
3 Dallas 9 3
4 Portland 8 3
5 Houston 9 3
6 San Antonio 7 4
7 L.A. Clippers 6 4
8 New Orleans 6 4
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Kobe hits 32,000

Kobe inched a bit closer to Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list with this milestone. Relive it.