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On ABC: Heat-Clippers

Miami has won six of seven, but gets a test with L.A. in town for a matinee (2 ET).

On League Pass: Nuggets-Knicks

Carmelo Anthony returns today as the Knicks look to stop a four-game skid (1 ET).

Shootaround: Hanging On

George Karl's job is reportedly on the line, but he's focused on the job at hand.

Mutual Respect

Kobe Bryant's greatness was reflected in the Lakers' epic rivalry with the Spurs.

Inside The NBA: Super Bowl 50

Who do the guys like, the Broncos or Panthers? Well, it's unanimous -- sort of.

Golden State's Streak Survives

The Warriors win their 41st straight home game despite 40 from OKC's Kevin Durant.

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Rookie Diary

Image link to Eyes on the prize

Eyes on the prize

Kristaps Porzingis is eyeing bigger goals: 'I want to be an All-Star.'



Image link to Trickle up effect

Trickle up effect

D-League growth could lead to bigger NBA rosters.

Old School PRs

Image link to Turning back the clock

Turning back the clock

It's 2004 all over again as a trio of familiar names make the cut.

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NBA Pulse

Image link to Smitty's Mt. Rushmore

NBA Rooks

Image link to Steep learning curve

Steep learning curve

It's been an up-and-down rookie season for D'Angelo Russell.

Smitty's Top Plays

Image link to Presidential shout-out

Presidential shout-out

Stephen Curry gets a special mention from President Obama.

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Stats Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Cleveland 36 14
2 Toronto 34 16
3 Atlanta 30 22
4 Boston 30 22
5 Miami 29 22
6 Chicago 27 23
7 Indiana 27 24
8 Detroit 27 25
Rank Western W L
1 Golden State 46 4
2 San Antonio 43 8
3 Oklahoma City 38 14
4 L.A. Clippers 33 17
5 Memphis 30 21
6 Dallas 29 25
7 Houston 27 26
8 Utah 25 25
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Image link to Best shooters

Best shooters

A couple of All-Stars have been especially hot the past week.


Image link to Worst shooters

Worst shooters

And another one has been pretty much the opposite.