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Blogtable: Fits Just Right

Aside from LeBron James' return to the Cavs, what other free-agent signings were a solid move? Blogtable: Best new coaching hire? | Some tough calls for Team USA | Free Agent Tracker

Veteran Voice

Anthony Davis wants to be the stabilizing force for Team USA's new frontcourt.

Shootaround: Homeward Bound, Too?

D.C.-area native Kevin Durant hasn't ruled out playing for the Wizards someday.

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Image link to Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

Which team made the best offseason coaching hire?


All Ball Blog

Image link to Kinda strange

Kinda strange

The Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, gets a new TV opportunity.


Image link to Michele Roberts

Michele Roberts

The NBPA's new executive director talks about the job ahead.

FA Tracker

Image link to Divisional dance

Divisional dance

Mo Williams has found a new Northwest team to call home.

Player Movement

Image link to Need a big?

Need a big?

Former All-Star Elton Brand is still searching for a job.

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Image link to Living the dream

Living the dream

Summer League is the first taste of NBA life for this year's rookies.

USA Camp

Image link to Coach speak

Coach speak

Mike Krzyzewski interacts with the squad during camp.


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Rank Eastern W L
1 Indiana 56 26
2 Miami 54 28
3 Toronto 48 34
4 Chicago 48 34
5 Washington 44 38
6 Brooklyn 44 38
7 Charlotte 43 39
8 Atlanta 38 44
Rank Western W L
1 San Antonio 62 20
2 Oklahoma City 59 23
3 L.A. Clippers 57 25
4 Houston 54 28
5 Portland 54 28
6 Golden State 51 31
7 Memphis 50 32
8 Dallas 49 33
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Flag bearers

Check out the 10 best statistical lines of 2013-14 from the players in Team USA's Vegas camp.