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Donald Sterling Timeline

POSTED: Aug 12, 2014 6:27 PM ET staff reports


A chronological timeline of events in the Donald Sterling situation


April 25, 2014 - TMZ releases audio recording containing disturbing and racist statements thought to be said by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling

April 26 - NBA issues statement on TMZ report | Video: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the NBA is investigating Sterling in regards to the racist comments

April 27 - Clippers stage a silent protest towards the owner, wearing their warmup uniforms inside out before Game 4 of their first round series against the Golden State Warriors

April 28 - Advertisers begin cutting ties with the Clippers

April 28 - Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is wary of the NBA trying to oust Sterling

April 29 - Silver bans Sterling for life and fines him $2.5 million | Official NBA statement | Video: Silver news conference | Transcript

April 30 - List of wealthy suitors line up to buy the Clippers

May 8 - Sterling's wife, Shelly, says she will fight to keep the Clippers

May 9 - Ex-Time Warner chairman Dick Parsons is named interim Clippers CEO

May 11 - NBA responds to Shelly Sterling's statements

May 12 - Sterling stirs new dispute with Magic Johnson-HIV remarks | Video: Donald Sterling's interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper

May 12 - NBA responds to Sterling's latest comments

May 13 - Magic Johnson responds to Sterling's comments

May 16 - Sterling informs the NBA that he will not pay the $2.5 million fine

May 19 - NBA formally charges Sterling, sets a June 3 hearing on a vote that could terminate his ownership

May 23 - Sterling's wife wants to handle sale of the Clippers

May 27 - Sterling sends a 32 page statement to the NBA responding to its punishment. Suing NBA for $1 billion

May 28 - Shelly Sterling reviews five bids for the Clippers

May 30 - Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bids $2 billion for the Clippers, tops all bidders

May 30 - NBA cancels June 3 Sterling hearing, owners to vote on sale of the team to Ballmer

May 30 - Report: Dementia kept Donald Sterling out of the Clippers sale

May 31 - Steve Ballmer speaks on his vision for the Los Angeles Clippers

June 4 - Attorney: Donald Sterling agrees to sell the Clippers

June 9 - Sterling pulls his support from the sale, will prosecute a federal lawsuit

June 10 - Report: Shelly Sterling heading to court to seek an emergency order for a hearing so a judge can confirm her authority to sell the Clippers

June 10 - NBA will reinstate hearing if Donald Sterling is ruled mentally fit

June 11 - Probate trial set for Donald Sterling in the Clippers sale

July 7 - Probate court trial begins on legality of sale

July 8-9 - Donald Sterling gives caustic, combative testimony during trial, saying Shelly Sterling duped him. He calls her a pig when she tries to approach him after her testimony

July 28 - Probate judge rules against Donald Sterling, says deal to sell team can go forward

August 8 - Probate judge refuses Donald Sterling's request to block the sale but says he could file it again

August 11 - Probate judge enters his order confirming the authority of Shelly Sterling, on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust, to sell the team to Ballmer